News from Andy - week ending 9-14

by Andy Burns on September 16, 2012

I’ve been sharing articles over on my LinkedIn profile, and wanted to make sure I sharednews the same information here. I will work on sharing my weekly findings and add some musings when I can.

Here’s what I found interesting last week:

NY TImes: Manhattan, Elusive by Land, Comes Into Focus by Sea

NY Times: Decades Later, a Vision Survives

NY Times: New York Is Lagging as Seas and Risks Rise, Critics Warn

USA Today: Manufacturing index, construction spending weaken

Hope you have a great week coming up.



ps. Are we connected on Linked In?

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Deepak 07.24.14 at 3:23 am


I am looking outside india player to purchase Property in india and power projects (Hydro).

Deepak sharma

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